Hello there! I'm Rhonda, the artist behind Reckless Faith Art.

There is an element of fear in every artist. The key to creating the art that lives deep within you is to recognize that fear, and then step right past it. For me, overcoming fears and realizing the artist that had been snuffed out all started with an opening up to faith. Tearing down walls and opening up to vulnerabilities can feel extremely reckless. But to live bold and reckless for all the right reasons is well worth exposing all the ugly lies that vulnerabilities and insecurities try to feed us. It’s living free in my own skin, living out my own passion with a reckless abandon to what the world says makes sense.  

I am a mostly self-taught artist, trading in pencil skirts and spread sheets for the paintbrush and canvas permanently just a few years ago. I paint with a palette knife, building layer upon layer of color in inks and acrylic. Adding depth and texture with each layer, and then scraping away to expose small pieces of the story from underneath. It's a messy, intuitive process with several twists and turns. And like most artists, I also like to mix things up with mixed media works both on canvas and paper.