Hello there! I'm Rhonda and I'm the artist behind Reckless Faith Art. I am mostly a self-taught artist, channeling lessons from my high school classes with a few other classes and workshops along the way. I have always love all things creative, my second love is for decorating, and prior to making art for the world I often made art out of necessity in my own home. Way back in college I wanted to study art but I didn't want to be an art teacher and just didn't know what to do with an art degree (this was before regular Joe's like me could build their own website, before blogging, before laptops were even common) So I ended up with a business degree underwriting mortgage loans. I traded in my pencil skirts for paint covered aprons just a few years ago. This journey has been a dream in so many ways for me and my family.

I grew up on a farm, spending most of my days outside. I currently reside just outside city limits in a small town with a back yard view of rolling hills and wooded forest, our own outdoor serenity. I still love to be outdoors and it's there that I find the views, colors and textures that inspire my work. I also have a fascination with old things - old trees, old buildings. I often wonder about the past and what memories these old treasures hold. My hope is that my paintings will evoke a memory or a feeling of peace, a sense of wonder at the creations all around us.

I paint with a palette knife, building layer upon layer of color and texture to create pieces in an abstract impressionistic fashion, adding the smallest of details with light brush strokes. My work is ever evolving as I continue to find my artistic voice. Working from home has its challenges but I am ever so grateful for the opportunity.  I hope you enjoy my work.